Web Design

WEBAn important part of increasing your presence is creating a website. After all, the power these days is with the consumer and they go first to the web when they want to find a service.

Knowing where to start can be mind blowing, but it need not be expensive.  At Arromar I aim to provide SMEs with the tools to increase their business, within your budget.

There are a range of options I can help you with from free hosting, to platforms that include auto-pinging to help with Site Engine Optimisation. This helps drive traffic to your site and gets you higher up the rankings. There are a number of ways of achieving this, and the other services Arromar has can assist you to do this.

To make web design affordable, I work on a hourly rate of €35 per hour.   I will help you select the right layout for your design from a range of templates; some of which are free.

Once the site is up and running I can do the on going maintenance for you, including updating, adding or deleting pages for an hourly rate of €20. This can also include monitoring the number of hits you are getting for you and suggest ways to increase visits.

I have a special rate for churches, schools and charities. Please contact me for more information.

To discuss the most suitable option for your project please contact me.

Whilst I use and recommend Zen for domain and  hosting services, as their service is really good, I will happily build with other providers.

Here are some examples of my work you can look at.