marketing-imagesI love marketing, I find it fasinating, evolving and so powerful that I really enjoy using it to the benefit of others.

It is not all about glossy adverts, as the Chartered Institute of Marketing says “It is the management process which identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements efficiently and profitably.”

It encompasses many things that are important to attract and retain customers, who in the information age have the power. It is said that it is fives times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one.


marketing-2By retaining customers it is possible to use marketing to create loyalty who will then become advoactes for your business. This will create a fabulous marketing tool through word of mouth.

I can help you with many of the marketing aspects such as:-

– Segmentation

– Marketing Mix

– Autoresponder Management

marketing-3 (2)– Stakeholder Analysis

– SWOT Analysis

– Pest Analysis

-Competitor Analysis

-Customer Relationship Marketing

and something that even small companies can use to grow; Corporate Social Responsibility.

For working on these aspects of your business, either once a month or more, I will charge an hourly rate.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.