085-1024x768Having worked in the specification sales for nearly 12 years,  I became the marketing manager of a joinery and dry lining sub contractor.

With Arromar I aim to help you grow the presence of your business using my experience through the services I offer.

I believe in the power of marketing, and never has this been power been more important  to every business than now.  When someone has a need for something they don’t wait for the right company to call, or go round all the shops and industrial estates in the hope of finding the right supplier. They go online and that way they have the power. This means you need to have a greater presence so that people can find what you have to offer.

Arromar offers you ways to do this in the most cost effective manner, but only charging by the hour, or by the page. I can even suggest ways in which your online presence can add new revenue streams.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to working with you.