Just as I am a firm believer in the power of marketing, I believe that blogging should be a key part of any marketing and traffic generating strategy. It could be said that not having one is akin to having a shop on the high street and not unlocking the door.

It is something that needs to be done regularly inorder to get people coming back to it so they want to know the latest, and then visit your site to find out more.


Well by writing blogs regularly and encouraging comments you can build a relationship with potential customers, through replying to their comments and starting a conversation. This could mean the money you spend on market research is more effective.

This can be time consuming which is where I can help. Using whatever platform you wish I will write your blog for you on a monthly or weekly basis, and if you wish,  respond to comments.

I will liase with you regularly to get the information you wish me to use. I’ll only charge for writing and response time at an hourly rate of €35 an hour. This will save you money and help you attract customers.

To see some examples of my work visit the blog page of this site, or go to my A Determined Man Blog

Contact me for more information.