Marketing can save you money

Really? Yes!

There are a number of ways to achieve this, but one of the best ways is to get some good viral marketing going by being involved with a community project. An example might be the project Buchlyvie Community Association is doing to rejuvenate the village play park.

The project need not be local to you, but obviously you can see and feel the benefit of it if you can get involved by donating the services of your employees to the project, or lending the project space or equipment. The benefit of doing this is that those fundraising will talk to others about your involvement, and this will stimulate interest in your business, at little or no cost.

Even if the project is not local to your business it can work for you because when a company pays attention to its philanthropic responsibilities it is seen as trustworthy organisation and a good neighbour. This can mean that you save money on recruitment because the staff you have, want to stay working for a socially responsible employer

There are many aspects to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but two that are easy for small businesses to carry out are called societal marketing. whereby a business take consumers and society’s wider interests into account rather than short term consumption. The other is cause-related marketing where businesses form a commercial partnership to work for the mutual benefit of a charity and the organisation. An example of this could be the Innocent Foundation started by the founders of Innocent Drinks who built a business on corporate social responsibility ideals. Now they give 10% of their profits to charities all over the world.

In addition to this if you implement better environmental management systems as part of your CSR policy, not only does it give you something to talk about. It also saves you money on energy, materials, and things like landfill taxes. Then as you grow your business by being committed to CSR you’ll have access to socially responsible investment. This is where investors take in account considerations such as the company’s environmental and socially responsible activities.

So by using CSR as a key part of your marketing strategy not only can you save money but you can make it go a lot further.


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