Marketing your business means being cyber savvy

Nowadays you need to make it easy for the customer to find you. To do this you need to devote a serious percentage of your marketing effort to the online promotion. The mix of which should include both a blog and social media posts, as both of these act as signposts to your website.

Yes you can pay for someone to help you with Site Engine Optimisation, and use all the up to date keywords on your site, but this involves handing over access to your sites admin panel to someone else. The more people that know your passwords the more endangered your site is to being hacked. It is easier, and possibly safer, to get someone to write a blog and manage your social media posts for you. Then by working with them you can regularly change your passwords to increase security.

Alternatively you give them a the authority to set their own passwords for these parts of your online presence. Either way you should change your passwords regularly and ensure your anti-virus software is up to date. This is all part of being cyber savvy, and I am sure this is what we all want, as we don’t want confidential information to be given to your competitors, do we?

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