Kick off at Christmas

I am not talking about a family argument, though there may be a few of those this year. I am talking about kicking off a new customer relationship campaign. You can use Christmas cards as the start of a plan to keep in personal touch with your best clients.

To do so means avoiding the mass produced unsigned cards that we have all seen. There are ways of reproducing the signatures of your staff on lots of cards. The smaller the company theĀ  easier and more important this is, especially if you have a few repeat clients.

It is important to follow this up with further communications that show interest in your clients. If you don’t show interest you may not get feedback, which is the aim of your CRM policy. With this feedback you can tailor your communication in a way that gets repeat business, and or, referrals.

Since word of mouth is the best form of advertising, the question is do you think spending time forming a customer relationship is a good use of your resources?

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