The value of video

As a way of getting you more visitors to your website and your business, videos are a much under used tool.

By creating videos or Vines, and posting them on the likes of YouTube and whatever social media platforms you use you will be surprised about the effect it can have on the traffic you get. Partly this is because Google own YouTube, and like sites that use it.

Then since people like to know who they are dealing with and what you do, it encourages them to visit.. The video I put on the Scottish Stove Centre About us page of their website did just that. Likewise he video of a treatment plant I put on the site I built for the Waterman helped explain what these are for people who don’t know.

A different sort of video can be fantastic too. Google have recently created a great tool for businesses called Business View. This lets people wader round your business premises from the comfort of their arm chair, and zoom in on things that interest them. An example of this is the one that Three Marketing did for the Scottish Stove Centre.

As you can see videos can really help your business.

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