Gratitude can prevent people being fly

Sometimes people can try and get one over on you, whether it is in life or in business. These people can be slow to express their gratitude when you help them out; even if it appears they should know better. Sometimes by remaining silent and even thanking them for some small trifle; you can stop them trying to be fly.

This works by showing them that you are the better person, and this can make them feel slightly embarrassed. So they learn that just because you believe in the power of gratitude does not make you naïve. After all as the poet Rudyard Kipling say in his poem If,(please forgive my paraphrasing) If  you can withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, then you are a man my son.

It simply means that you believe in treating everyone you meet, whether they are customers, suppliers, colleagues or friends, the way you would like to be treated.

Some will see this as a weakness, but if recession and austerity teaches us one thing, a positive attitude helps us find the silver lining that keeps us going. It increases your self belief and drives you on to succeed. There are plenty of powerful, successful businessmen who have got there without trampling on people; and use gratitude to succeed.

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