Know you U.S.P.

What makes you business stand out? Why should consumers use your business?

Price attracts customers but this should not be the main thing you shout about. There is always someone who can make something cheaper, slightly worse, and so if you use price as your Unique Selling Point then you might not get customers coming back. Worse still they won’t recommend you.

What does get you recommended? The best thing is a good product, delivered well. Strange as it may seem though, that might not be enough to be a main selling feature. Your competitor might offer a great service, with similar products, or one with brands prospective customers know.

In this case you need to stand out, and if it is not price and an excellent service, what is it?

Depending on your business it can be location, but this too is changing as clients surf the net to find what they are looking for before they get in the car. Whatever you are trading in, with the world getting smaller, the one place you need to be; is on line. You can run a business from Tiree that ships whisky or tyres, without ever actually touching them.

So nowadays defining what makes you stand out is harder than ever. You need to think out the box to provoke interest and one way of doing that is to use SMO (Social Media Optimisation) to drive traffic to your website. For this to work it needs to stand out from the avalanche of information that is on social media.

To do this it is important to ask customers what made them come to you, what grabbed their interest, what were they looking for when they began the journey. If you don’t ask you won’t know, and so you will find it harder to anticipate their needs before potential prospects know they need it.

This is what marketing is all about. So by knowing your U.S.P. you can use it to think out the box in a way that gets people to come to you instead of your competitor.


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