Two simple effective words

A sincerely meant “Thank You”, can be really effective, and can actually be part of a gratitude marketing strategy.

By showing gratitude for customers, and people who visit your business either online or in person, can encourage them to talk about your organisation in a positive way. This can go viral and mean that you get a lot of visitors wanting to know why their friends use your business.

There are many ways in which you can do this but simply by saying thank you for calling, or for the enquiry, gives the prospective client a good feeling. Businesses that do this, regardless of whether they win the business or not, get more people coming back to them.

When I was out on the road selling I understood the importance of the receptionist in the businesses I called on, and so developed a way of getting remembered by giving them a packet of Tic Tacs every time I called. the result that when I phoned to speak to someone I got through, and information I handed in was put in front of the right person.

Even if your business is a distance from your client, you can organise other ways to show gratitude for regular business, without having to travel to meet them. The more creative you are the more it will be appreciated, and it need not be expensive.

I can help you come up with some strategies that will work in the long term rather than purely the immediate short term.

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